Rotary Cutters and Mats

by Rena on September 28, 2011

Olfa Rotary Cutter

The most commonly used Rotary Cutters and Mats are made by Olfa. Since 1979 this company has designed a complete range of rotary blade cutters for quilters and crafters. These sharp blades are made from high quality tool steel and are razor sharp. The cutters have been designed to accommodate both left and right handed use.

Olfa has a series of different blades for many different applications as well as a complete line of accessories. Some of the accessories that are available include non slip acrylic rulers that make an exact measurement, self healing mats that are double sided with grid lines, and specialty tools for cutting circles. The mats are a must have and are made especially for the use with the Olfa cutters. The grid lines that are printed onto the mats assist for precision cutting and are available in a variety of sizes. The most popular size that is used is the 24”x36”.

If you are a quilter or a sewer that does craft work , the rotary cutter will save you a tremendous amount of time and will allow you to cut multiple layers when cutting your fabrics.  Every sewing room should have at least one rotary cutter and mat along with your choice of rulers. For wholesale sewing and quilting supplies I recommend N. Jefferson Ltd. Visit their website to see their selection of great notions!

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