by Rena on October 22, 2011


Sewing buttons back onto a garment that has either been purchased or made yourself  is a real pain. A lot of people toss a article of clothing out or place it in the back of the closet for some miracle to happen. This problem is usually found with ladies blouses and men’s shirts that are bought. Here is a tip that can save you from having to sew a button back on.

That is if it is not lost. When you first purchase a garment that has buttons on it, use some clear nail polish to secure them.

Just put a small dab of nail polish onto the middle of the button where the thread is and let dry. The polish will secure that button for a very long time. Probably for the life of the garment. The reason that buttons tend to come off is that some manufacturers use low quality thread to sew them on. They are well aware that most people, particularly men will just go out and buy a new shirt rather than sewing a button back on.

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