Choosing the Right Knitting Needle

by Rena on November 22, 2011

Bamboo Knitting Needle Set

There are knitting needles that are made from plastic, metal, wood or bamboo. Straight needles being the most widely used. There are circular, double pointed and interchangeable ones as well. My favourite needles to use are the interchangeable ones. These allow you to remove the tips to change the size of the needles and to extend the needles longer.

The extension of the length of the needle is one of the greatest inventions to knitting. It is so great to be able to make a knitting needle as long as you want. This is handy when you are knitting a larger size or when a lot of stitches are needed. When working with bulky yarns, they are lighter and make it much easier to hold onto the knitting. Metal needles claim to be faster because the stitches slide easier. Plastic needles are less expensive and more readily available. Bamboo and wood needles are lighter in weight and present a more individual style.

The most important rule when selecting a pair of knitting needles is that you make sure they are completely smooth, especially the tips. The sizes of knitting needles depend on where they are from. The correct conversion of the three types, Continental ( Metric) , USA, and UK vary depending on where you are looking. In researching this I have found that there seems to be a few variations out there. Most current patterns tell you the size required in all three types. Please see the conversion chart for knitting needles and crochet hooks below. N. Jefferson Ltd. carries a wide variety of different types and sizes of wholesale knitting needles.

Knitting Need Conversion Chart

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