How to Get Rid of Fuzz Balls

by Rena on November 6, 2011

Sweater Stone

We have all had a sweater or an article of clothing that has lint or fuzz balls. A lot of these garments get tossed out or find their way to the pile of old worn out stuff that we keep to wear around the house to do chores in. But did you know that there is a way to save these favourite pieces?

Some years ago I received a handy Christmas gift called a Sweater Stone. The Sweater Stone is used for getting rid of all those unsightly fuzz or lint balls that make a garment look warn out.

You can trim the fuzz balls away by gently rubbing along the surface of both sweaters and other fabrics. There have been other methods used such as a using razor blades, masking tape or sand paper, but nothing I have found seems to do the job better than a Sweater Stone.

The stone that I have comes in it’s own little box. The box helps to store the stone when it is not being used. The stone is a block of pumice. Pumice can be purchased at most places that sell products for your feet. I have used this Sweater Stone on all types of sweater knits and sweat shirts, hats and scarves. The trick is to lay your garment flat and to be careful not to be too rough when you are trimming. N. Jefferson in Vancouver carries these along with a number of other knitting related products at affordable prices.

Sweaters need a little more care not to pull the knit as it can and will rip a hole. Sweatshirts have the tendency to gather fuzz ball along the sleeves and in places where the fabric surfaces rub together.

The next time you think that your clothes are ready to get rid of because of those little fuzz balls, try a Sweater Stone.

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Joy November 15, 2011 at 2:32 am

Thanks for introducing me to this product. Those fuzzies irk me all winter long.


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