Summertime Sewing Project for Kids

by Rena on August 13, 2011

Summertime Sewing for Kids

Plan something different for those summer days. Sewing your own pillow project for kids 6-12 years old is a great way to share a day together and is one of the sewing projects successfully done in groups of kids.

You will need a sewing machine, scissors, threads, bag of fibre fill or any pillow stuffing, fabrics that are washable and easy to sew. Fabrics like cottons, most flannels are recommended.

The amount of fabric required depends on the number and sizes of the pillows . You also need to have some scrap pieces fabric. Bright colours and printed fabric work great.
using a piece of paper or light cardboard cut out the shape of the pillow that you want to make. Shapes like a rectangle, square, star, heart are the best to use.

1. I suggest that you cut out the pieces of fabric. You will need 2 pieces the same for each pillow.
2. Make a box of as many pieces of scrap fabrics. The pieces do not have to be of any specific size. 10Cm x10cm (4”x4”) works good. The kids can cut smaller fabric shapes to sew onto their pillow pieces.
3. If your sewing machine can sew some decorative stitches or embroidery stitches, the kids can use them to decorate their pillows using different colours of thread.
4. When finished decorating the pillow pieces , with right sides together, match the pillow shapes and sew together leaving a 4 inch opening.
5. Turn the pillow so that the seams are in the inside and stuff the pillow with stuffing.
6. I recommend that you sew the opening up by turning the raw edges in. Close the opening by sewing at the finished edge.
7. Project pillow is complete.

You will be left with a slight mess but all is good when you have a happy child.


Home Decor

by Rena on August 4, 2011

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Unfinished Knitting Projects

by Rena on July 27, 2011

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by Rena on July 26, 2011

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